About Us

Our Philosophy

A product must make sense. It must be practical, durable, and remain useful. See how our ideology is fitted into each and every product.

Our Mission

We create innovative products of the highest quality while providing exceptional customer service. We manufacture in the US allowing full control.

The Future

We are always working on new product ideas so be sure to visit our website often to find out about promos, new products and more.

What our customers are saying.

The magstak arrived and was quickly & easily assembled. A ‘New Books’ label was prepared and several books were placed in the device. Thanks so much! It is exactly what I needed and what you advertised.

Kathleen E. Buescher-Milligan, Librarian / Brookes Bible Institute

In the year before using magbox we circulated 961 magazines. The year right after, we circulated 1,816 magazines- an 89% increase over the same month a year before!

Deborah Grodinsky, Head of Adult Services / Skokie Public Library

When we saw the Discovery activity table, we knew it was the one we wanted! We love the curved safety corners and low, sleek design with lots of built-in extras, such as the dual surface flip-top and the large capacity pull-out locking storage drawer underneath. This activity discovery table is a wonderfully versatile piece of modular furniture built to last for a long, long time. From the moment ours was delivered, there has been a non-stop, fun-filled Duplo building festival going on in our play area.

Barbard Littlefield, Head of Youth Services / Glenview Public Library

Magbox promotes the use of magazines as well as providing storage. The design emphasizes the magazines so it never looks like something is missing on the shelf. It provides a neater appearance than magazines piled on shelves. It’s easier for patrons to use and offers greater flexibility. No shelf labeling – the magazine is the label.

Karen Golab, Purchasing & Building Project Manager / St. Charles City County Library District

I have gotten nothing but rave reviews about how magbox looks and how well-made they are.

Janet Thiessen, Reference & Electronic Resources Librarian & Associate Professor / Fontbonne University

We love the magboxes! Our patrons are very pleased with having all of the magazines in one location!

Karen Dunford, Naper Boulevard Library Manager / Naperville Public Library