magbrowz large bin

Turn your existing flat shelving into flip-style browsing.

The magbrowz™ large bin is simple, yet innovative. Open sides reduce weight and allow for 3 rows of materials. Built-in dividers and support treads keep materials upright and stout. Convert your existing flat shelving to browsing bin style and revamp your library space instantly. No tools or new shelving required.

Platinum status awarded based on librarian feedback.

Product Name

magbrowz™ large bin
Item Number


For picture books.

Exterior – W: 31¾” x D: 12″ x H: 6½”
Interior – W: 31¾” x D: 8¾”

Approx. 54 picture books

Please be sure to properly take care of your product to ensure greatest performance and longest life.

Proper Usage

The magbox™ is designed for use with periodicals, newspapers, brochures, and flyers only
To transport, place fingers inside the handle ports on the sides of the magbox™
Use two hands at all times when transporting the magbox™
DO NOT use the current issue divider to transport the magbox™
DO NOT drop your magbox™, Drop damage is not covered under warranty

Clean the magbox™ with a damp soft cloth only. For major cleaning needs, use NOVUS No 1 cleaning solution
DO NOT use window cleaning sprays, scouring tools, acetone, benzene, or lacquer thinner
Hairline fractures are normal and will occur with use. They DO NOT affect functionality or aesthetic of the magbox™